EH Horsemanship is the clinics and promotional division for Ed Harrison Performance Horses internationally. Ed’s clinics have been broken up into 4 levels to suit the different needs of your group!


Level 1- is designed to be an introductory course into the world of reining and western
performance horse disciplines. The focus is to help your group understand the basics of operating a western horse and horsemanship.


Level 2- is designed for aspiring trainers looking to sharpen their skills to become more effective and efficient in colt starting.


Level 3- is designed for developing the knowledge of teaching your horse advanced manuevers such as the spin, stop rollback and etc.


Level 4- is designed to develop the knowledge of schooling a finished show horse and keep your horse responsive and honest in the show pen.


EH Horsemanship’s goal is to introduce, promote, and grow the sport of reining around the world and has already made quite a splash on the African continent. Join in on the fun!

Contact Ed at contact@theglobalcowboy, to book your clinic today!